About Gayatri Exim

Established in 1997, Gayatri Exim is one of the leading suppliers of the Planetary Gearbox for Cane Mill Applications across India. We have unmatched expertise and exposure in manufacturing innovative planetary gearboxes for Cane Mill Applications, which can solve the most common problems that the Sugar Industry is facing. With unique solutions, we are upgrading the operating standards of the sugar plants across the nation.

With years of experience and dedication towards solving real-time problems, we have engineered an innovative planetary gearbox that offers Zero Maintenance for several years to come. Designed as per European Standards, our high-performance planetary gearbox is perfect for any Cane Mill Applications. No matter what motor is applied or what output speed is requested, Gayatri Exim’s planetary gearbox can supply the solution.

Why Gayatri Exim?

Since 1997, we are committed to design and engineer innovative products that can help overcome the most common problems faced by the sugar industry across the globe. Here are some strong reasons to put your trust in Gayatri Exim, and they are:

  • We have 20+ years of experience
  • We are driven by the best industry minds
  • We are leading supplier of high-performance planetary gearboxes
  • Our PGBs are engineered to work with any cane mill applications
  • Our PGBs follow international standards (ISO DP 6336, ISO 281)
  • Our PGBs are designed for longer life (10^10 cycles)
  • We assure Zero Maintenance for several years* with 5 years warranty*
Planetary Gearbox

We Deliver Unique Planetary Gearbox for Cane Mill Applications

For years, we have been working to deliver innovative manufacturing products for the Sugar Industry. After years of dedication, hard work, and continuous devotion, we have come up with an innovative “Planetary Gearbox that Offers Zero Maintenance for Many More Years to Come”.

We present you the most innovative and one-of-a-kind gearbox specially designed to adjust all types of cane mill applications for the sugar industry in India. Cane Mill Planetary Gearbox is the product designed and developed by Gayatri Exim after years of research, hard work, and devotion towards solving the most common issues faced by the sugar industry in India. No matter which type of motor is applied at the input side, Gayatri Exim’s Cane Mill Planetary Gearbox is designed to perform for many years.